what i wanna buy b4 back to kuantan

i wanna buy

- hair-band
- underwear
- socks 
- shampoo
- mascara
- pen n pencil box
- perfume
- shoes 
- bag for my lappy
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- purse
- biscuits
- sandals
- shawls
-tudung bawal hitam
- kaspersky

i wanna do

-cut my hair
- bake cheesecake
- snap a lot pict with Qina

 two weeks more, then i will back to kuantan
am i happy?
i dont know what my feeling right now...
hope next sem will be fine n going smoothly without any trouble just like first sem...
no more overnight!! 
 no more pretenders!!


i'm ezza haniza said...

amboii..nak beli underwear?hahahaa

LaLa said...

mesti la...